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CAS&Kera | Campaign Launch with Conde Nast

The media landscape changes quickly. Yet, Conde Nast titles have been a beacon of knowledge, taste, and authority in the fashion and lifestyle worlds for over 150 years and still maintain their relevance today.

We worked with Conde Nast to launch our first ad campaign shot by legendary British photographer/Creative Director - RANKIN [hyperlink to Rankin blog post].

We chose Vogue, GQ, and Vanity Fair as showcases to introduce earKronTM, not just as a positioning statement, but because we appreciate that the consumers of quality media may recognize the CAS&Kera difference -  design, fine craftsmanship, and luxury materials.

We live in a digital age, our product is built for a digital world, and we are proud to meet the world for the first time through Rankin’s unique lens, and Conde Nast’s long-admired titles.

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