Fine Jewelry, Infused With Sound

Introducing earKron® audio ear cuffs by CAS&Kera.

18ct gold, zirconia ceramic, and titanium infused with bluetooth audio compatibility. earKrön® represents a new category in fine jewelry and wearable technology.

Elegance and Technology Meet

Exquisite Materials, Award-Winning Design

Satisfyingly substantial in the hand, but weightless in the ear, earKrön® audio ear-cuffs are exquisitely built as a high-end alternative to those ubiquitous white plastic earbuds.

earKron® audio ear-cuffs adjust to any ear for a perfect, secure fit.

Recipient of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2023-2024

The Sound of Luxury

App-supported earKrön® audio ear-cuffs offer all the wireless functionality you need, while enhancing your individuality.

The audio was designed by world leading sound engineers as an 'open-ear' audio experience. They produce a crystal-clear sound, whilst still allowing you to hold conversations and hear peripheral sound when wearing them as jewelry.

earKron® is not designed to drown out the world, but to enhance your life within it.

Expect Exceptional

earKrön® is made for a future-facing consumer who appreciates premium quality, exceptional design, and unmatched attention to detail.

The first editions come with a certificate of authenticity, jewelry box charging case, and a maison-quality carry case with crossbody/belt chain – because accessories matter.

About CAS&Kera

Originating from the heart of the fashion world and years in development, the Los Angeles-based brand seamlessly blends Swedish design and product architecture, with top-tier materials from Japan.

earKrön® is crafted to effortlessly integrate into your wardrobe, elevating your personal style.