The first chapter in CAS&Kera’s journey has been unveiled in Times Square, New York. CAS&Kera’s billboard marks a defining moment at the beginning of the brand's journey, heralding the arrival of earKronTM: audio-enabled luxury ear-cuffs.

CAS&Kera is synonymous with elegance and design transcending the boundaries of conventional luxury. The ear-cuffs, blend RTW accessories, and audio technology, representing our commitment to pushing the envelope.

The billboards, a visual symphony of light and movement, thanks to the masterful execution of the campaign by RANKIN (literally) stand tall amidst the iconic hustle and bustle of Times Square. 

To us, it is not merely an advertisement but a statement about the essence of CAS&Kera - daring to innovate while remaining rooted in timeless elegance.

This is not just the launch of a product to us. It is the birth of a new paradigm in the space where design, fashion, and technology coalesce in perfect harmony, redefining what it means to experience true luxury in the modern age.

Special thanks to @oliviaarben  our friend, ally, and a true star.