Friends of CAS&Kera - Shadae Notadu

@shadaenotadu is rapidly becoming an extended member of the CAS&Kera family. We love that she often drops into our HQ when she’s in town, which is quite a lot these days such is her rising star. She’s a girl in demand. 

Shadae is a model and creator who radiates beauty inside and out, and is always there for other girls providing support and advice on everything from entering the modeling profession to beauty tips. 

We invited her to test drive a pair of earKrons, and the girls from the CAS&Kera team tagged along for a day out in Beverly Hills, because why wouldn’t we.

Here is her feedback:

“It’s their elegance that I love most about them. It feels like a special occasion every time I wear them.”

“It’s nice to leave my earKron ear-cuffs in my ears and still hear what’s happening around me. It makes me feel safe.”

“I love the touch and tap technology and the cool sounds they make when I adjust the volume or hit pause/play.”

Thanks for a fun day out Shadae. Enjoy your earKrons!